• TruShot

    TruShot is a neurofeedback-based training system for marksmanship based on DARPA research. Never miss a shot again.

What we do

At Uncodin, we bring cutting-edge research and development from DARPA to you. We've been participating in DARPA R&D for nearly four years. Right now we're working on launching the TruShot marksmanship training system and are very excited about its applications in other sports and activities, such as golf and gaming.

Mobile Development

Android, iOS, Mobile Web.

Web Development

Web Apps!

Google Glass™

Glassware using GDK and the Mirror API

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping, etc.


Improving life through software

Who we are

Uncodin is a small, engineer-run software company in downtown Austin. We make cool things grounded in serious research and bring them directly to you.

Peter Bonanni


Dr. Amy Kruse

Neuroscience Advisor

Tom Nugent

Neuroscience Advisor

John Cook

Production Support Lead

Ali Bodin

Editor / PR

Albert Wang

Software Engineer

Kelly Oakes

Office Manager

Cameron Currie

Software Engineer

Cameron Rivers

Software Engineer

Colin Edwards

Software Engineer

Vince Bonanni

Production Assistant

Neurofeedback Training

Testing neuro feedback hardware at the range

Rapid Prototyping

Fine-tuning a 3D printer
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Where to find us

Static Google Map of the Uncodin Office

Uncodin Inc.
701 Brazos Street
Suite 660
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 730-1357