Uncodin is an engineer-run software start-up working with HTML5, iOS, Android, and Node.js in downtown Austin.

Screenshot of Quadrant Defense
Screenshot of Mining Prototype

Uncodin has partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create engaging Algebra games for the Adams 50 School District in Denver, Colorado.

Pictured are Quadrant Defense and a Mining Prototype to help teach students the Pythagorean theorem.

NowTu on a Nexus S
NowTu on an iPhone

Uncodin is also in the midst of Phase II of their DARPA-funded mobile training application called NowTu. NowTu allows users to quickly create on-the-go training manuals that integrate text, photos, sound, and videos, and can be processed in a way that can be easily shared with peers. The software has been tested by soldiers in South Carolina and Afghanistan.